Our teaching staff maintain a deep commitment to professional development and personal learning. In providing an integrated, inclusive, balanced curriculum, we promote comprehensive outcomes based on assessment and reporting strategies that have been developed to track student progress and assist in identifying those at risk. Visitors to the school often comment on the welcoming and happy “family” atmosphere that permeates the school.

School Executive

Principal: Ms Sallyanne Stanbridge
Assistant Principal: Mrs Janelle Dixon
Religious Education Coordinator Acting: Ms Mackenzie Gageler
Primary Coordinator: Mrs Amber Van Duuren

Teaching Staff

Kindergarten Blue: Ms Grace Dever
Kindergarten White: Mrs Alanna Seysener
Year 1 Blue: Mrs Louise Kevin
Year 1 White: Ms Mackenzie Gageler / Mrs Annika Rooke
Year 2 Blue: Mrs Debbie Parkes / Mrs Brienna Vollmer
Year 2 White: Ms Nikola Groves
Year 3 Blue: Ms Naomi Rodwell
Year 3 White: Ms Emelia Lindus
Year 4 Blue: Mrs Amber Van Duuren / Mrs Rhiannon Temesvary
Year 4 White: Ms Victoria Prosser
Year 5 Blue: Mrs Simone Cameron / Mrs Emily McHugh
Year 5 White: Ms Brittany Reynolds
Year 6 Blue: Mr Nick Standing
Year 6 White: Mrs Paige Pringle

RFF Teachers: Mrs Kate Burgess and Mrs Melanie Flynn
Teacher/Librarian: Mrs Melanie Flynn
Library Assistant: Mrs Erin Dewey
Learning Support Teacher: Mrs Tiffany Nolan, Mrs Annika Rooke
Learning Support Assistants: Mrs Narelle Moylan, Mrs Cherie Lane, Mrs Kimberley Gargan, Mrs Renae Craft, Mrs Emma Nevin, Mrs Kacie Bishop, Mrs Fiona Roberts
Wellbeing Officer: Mrs Jess Dougherty
Aboriginal Support Worker: Mrs Jess Dougherty
EALD teacher: Mrs Karen Forbes Aboriginal Education Teacher: Ms Katrina Easton
Clerical: Mrs Kim O’Rourke (Wed, Thur, Fri) and Mrs Amanda Percival (Mon to Fri)