Getting to School

Bus Routes

Free bus transport is available to all students from Kindergarten to Year 6.

Grace Buses and Hunter Valley Buses run services to and from Rosary Park.

In order to obtain a bus pass, you need to go online to apply through Transport for NSW.

Own Transport

In areas where there is no public transport, eligible residents may receive a subsidy for transporting their students to school by private vehicle. For details please visit this website.

Student drop-off and pick up zones

Students may be dropped off outside the school in the 10-minute zone on the school side at our entrance on Station Street.

Parents who are collecting their child by car in the afternoons are to assemble in the 10-minute zones and remain in their vehicles for staff to bring their child to the car for collection. This collection process occurs in a staggered process based on surnames.

Transport for NSW website Travel Subsidy