Transition Program

At Rosary Park, we aim to ensure the transition into Kindergarten is a smooth and positive experience for all students.

The importance of a positive transition to school has been emphasised in research around the world. It is well established that a successful start to school is linked to later positive educational and social outcomes. Children who have a positive start to school are likely to regard school as an important place and to have positive expectations of their ability to learn and succeed.

Our Transition Program involves four opportunities for students to visit the school and participate in classes and playground activities, while their parents can socialise and meet new parents. Staff also conduct information sessions for parents to learn vital information about school readiness.

New Kindergarten children are well and truly a part of the school community before their official first day of school. On each of their visits, your child can become familiar and comfortable in their new school environment with the assistance of their year 6 buddy and our staff. The last two visits to Rosary Park occur in small groups so that children have the opportunity to work more closely with teachers and experience some of the routines of our school. Our transition to school process is a very individual one. If your child would benefit from more than the scheduled four visits, this can easily be arranged with our Learning Support staff.

For students enrolling in Rosary Park in other grades in the new school year, we also offer transition visits which give children the opportunity to meet teachers and their new classmates ahead of the new academic year.