Environmental Initiatives

Mission of the Environmental Team

Environmental Initiatives at Rosary Park reflect the directive of Pope Francis that we are stewards of the earth and that “The earth is an environment to be safeguarded – a garden to be cultivated” (Laudato Si 2015).

Responsibility for the environment at Rosary Park

All staff, students and visitors are responsible for the ongoing care of the environment at school. The Environment Team work together to decide where and how we can reduce, reuse and recycle.

Membership of Rosary Park Environmental Team

Consist of our school community led by Students from Year 6 and the teacher in charge of the Environmental Team. It is important to note that The Environmental Team is actively inclusive making it possible for all students to make important contributions to the team’s work.

Activities that safeguard and cultivate the environment.

  • Composting
  • The School Garden
  • Recycling
    • Paper
    • Hard and soft plastics recycling
    • Food waste
  • Keeping the school tidy

Activities supporting a clean and green school also include a range of recycling projects that serve to keep the school tidy, reduce general waste and reduce the environmental impact of the school’s activities.